Elephant Calf Found On A Classroom Floor After Being Abused By Stones & Spears

A two-month-old baby elephant was found traumatized and injured on the floor of a classroom in Laikipia, Kenya.

It became the target of some villagers when another elephant from its herd attacked and killed a local woman.

The elephant responsible for the act was shot by Kenya Wildlife Service, and that sent the herd into an uncontrolled panic.

Source: truly/YouTube

It was then that the baby elephant was attacked by spears and stones. It eventually found its way into a classroom to hide and take cover, and it lay there on the verge of death.

But a warden from the Naibunga Conservancy found and rescued it.

Source: truly/YouTube

The poor calf was once in such bad shape, but it’d go on to make a full recovery thanks to these rescuers. In the video below, you’ll see the baby back in the wild where it belongs! 🙂

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