Dog’s Denied What He Asks For, Nearly Faints From Frustration

This dog makes Hollywood divas look tame in comparison. After being told he is not going on a walk, he proceeds to show his displeasure, complete with a fall-on-the-floor-and-flail display that would make any two-year-old proud.

City, a German Shepherd, learned he could get anything he wanted if he copped an attitude. At first it worked, but his guardian soon got tired of his antics and now just tells him to chill out. And he’s smart enough to know that whether it’s a walk, food, play or just to get a big belly rub, City has become one demanding member of the family.

And when he can’t get something from his Fur Mom, he knows he can go to other members of the family to try to get what he wants. Unfortunately for City, she’s the only one with whom he can plead right now. Someone get this dog a crown, because he deserves one!

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