Dolphin Goes In For A Kiss From A Dog And Then Jumps For Joy

Apparently, everyone and everything loves to boop a dog, even dolphins! Taken from a snippet from the award-winning IMAX classic DOLPHINS by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the video below shows a dog getting a boop and a smooch from a dolphin. Afterward, the dolphin swims away and does a little dance! 🙂

YouTube/One World One Ocean

The two are obviously very different species, but it’s really not too hard to believe since both dogs and dolphins are very friendly and intelligent animals. And this must not have been the first time as the dog appears to be leaning over the side of the boat awaiting the kiss, and the others (including another dog!) watch as if it’s nothing new.

YouTube/One World One Ocean

But it never gets old for the dolphin! Watch as it gets its kiss from the dog and then jumps for joy. 🙂

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