Firefighters act quickly to save 14-year-old dog from burning, smoke-filled home

A panicked neighbor swiftly called 911 when she noticed that the house next door was up in flames. The neighbor warned the 911 operator that an older woman and dog may be inside, but she was unable to see anything because of all the smoke.

Canton, Ohio firefighters quickly arrived at the scene to see the house filled with smoke. They immediately searched the house for the woman and dog, but only found the dog, who had been overcome by the smoke.

FOX 8 News Cleveland/Youtube

Thankfully, the woman was not home and later told firefighters that she was at the doctor’s office.

The dog, named Dolly, was breathing very fast and had glazed eyes that weren’t very responsive. That’s when firefighters Deierling and Evans used an oxygen mask to try and resuscitate the pup.

FOX 8 News Cleveland/Youtube

After nearly a minute, Dolly lifted her head and looked around. They then brought her under shade where it wasn’t so hot and gave her water. Afterwards, Dolly came around and even was able to stand and walk on her own.

Dolly is still having some breathing difficulties but is expected to make a full recovery.

FOX 8 News Cleveland/Youtube

Dolly’s owner, who has had Dolly for 14 years, may have lost her home, but she is forever grateful that the firefighters worked hard to save her beloved dog’s life.

Dolly and her owner are temporarily staying at a nearby hotel.

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