15 Dogs Who Won’t Let Their Owners Use The Bathroom Alone

Dogs don’t really understand the word “privacy.” They want to be with their favorite human at all hours of the day, even when their owner probably wants to be alone. Like when they’re in the bathroom.

These dog owners have captured hilarious photos of their furry best friend hanging out with them in the restroom. If you’re in need of a good laugh today, check out these 15 photos of dogs who won’t let their owners use the bathroom alone!

1. “If my owner can’t see me in here, maybe he’ll let me stay…”

Source: Damien_shallwenot via Reddit

2. This pup insists on holding his owner’s hand when he’s in the bathroom. That’s some serious dedication.

Source: ChrisLocker via Imgur

3. Having two dogs can be lots of fun, but it does mean that you’ll have two pairs of eyes watching you when you’re in the bathroom.

Source: Hosstyle via Imgur

4. “I’m staring because I love you!”

Source: Samuraiyu via Imgur

5. We can’t blame this owner for letting her pup into the bathroom—who could say no to that smiling face?

Source: VeronicaToxic via Imgur

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