10+ Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Defense Against Thieves At The ATM

It’s no secret that some criminals take advantage of people withdrawing money from an ATM. They’re considered an easy victim, especially in less crowded areas or when it’s dark. Even though most ATM’s are equipped with security cameras, you might often feel unsafe and vulnerable.

In some areas, criminals are specifically targeting people using ATM’s, such as in Toronto.

“People are getting approached, and it seems to be right around the time when they’ve actually almost completed their transaction, so they’re being watched, perhaps from a distance,” Toronto police Staff Sgt. Brian Kay from 23 Division said to CBC News.

The criminals often operate in pairs of two or three and police officers are concerned that victims wouldn’t only lose their money, but also get severely hurt in the process.

Some users on the internet posted pictures of their ideal “ATM defense”, a four-legged pup or even multiple dogs. While the dogs are loyal to their bosses and may look adorable in some cases, we can imagine they would do a pretty good job at scaring criminals off.

Whether it’s because of pure intimidation or because of the noise of their barks, these pictures below definitely prove why dogs are your best ATM withdrawal buddies.

1) You wouldn’t want to mess with this German Shepherd

Source: South Florida Premier K9 Trainers

2) That is one mean-looking bulldog

Source: atrain1189

3) This dog is named “Champ” and according to the owner, he’s ready to “Take a bite out of crime.”

Source: Protection Dogs Elite

4) When one is not enough, just bring two

Source: outerspace, Imgur

5) Always watching your back

Source: cokekennels, Instagram

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