25 hilarious times dogs were caught acting extremely weird

Dogs can be the sweetest, and most definitely the weirdest, beings around.

If only there was a constant floating thought bubble coming from those adorable furry heads…

…then we would be able to better understand their needs and what goes on through those spasmodic minds.

Especially, when they decide to randomly sit on top of a fire hydrant or gather up all your cosmetics and toss it into the toilet bowl.

A dog’s daily agenda consists of eating, sleeping, cuddling and playing, along with stirring up trouble as the main culprit behind the occasional disastrous havoc.

Any dog lover will agree that their sweet ball of fur is worth every ounce of weirdness and the trouble caused by their weirdness.

Life would be such a bore without our canine companions.

We have compiled 25 hilarious snapshots of dogs taking weird to the next level.

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