Unconscious Baby Motionless On Ground, Women Drew Close & Prayed He’s Alive

A puppy was lying on the ground, unable to move. When a kind rescuer finally discovered the tiny soul, she came closer and discovered that the puppy was cold and wet.

He was unconscious and shaking. The rescuer picked the puppy up and put him in her vehicle. The rescuer knew that this little guy was on borrowed time.

Source: Animal Rescue/YouTube

The rescuer had no idea what happened to the little puppy. She wrapped him in a cozy blanket to try to keep him warm.

The woman had to get him straight to the vet. On the drive over, the puppy continued to shake and whimper.

Source: Animal Rescue/YouTube

Upon examination, the vet determined that the puppy was merely four weeks old. The little warrior couldn’t eat or drink. He couldn’t stand on his own.

It was obvious that he had a brain injury but no one knew what caused it. It was a miracle that the puppy was found in time. The kind rescuer named him Pig.

Source: Animal Rescue/YouTube

Pig’s rescuer decided to be his medical foster. Pig needed around the clock care, from syringe feeding to administering meds.

But his foster mom was happy to take care of him. Each day that Pig got a little stronger, his foster mom celebrated his improved health.

Source: Animal Rescue/YouTube

A few weeks later, Pig’s health had dramatically improved. He’s such a happy little guy! Pig is finally able to play and enjoy being a puppy.

He’s not all on his own suffering anymore. He’s surrounded by lots of love.

He still walks a little funny, and that may be permanent from his brain injury, but no one judges his little wobbles. In fact, his cute little wobbles make him even more special!

Source: Animal Rescue/YouTube

A very nice family stepped forward to adopt Pig. He’s now well-cared for in his new home. He’s growing so fast. At 6 months, he’s already a big boy!

It’s such a blessing that this little one, that was so close to death, was found in time and is now alive and thriving!

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