Man Gets More Than He Bargained For When He Examined The ‘Lifeless’ Body Of A Dog

Rescuers JP and Pat heard about a homeless dog named Norah who had been living in the area around a drainage ditch for years.

She would often scavenge for food in the garbage cans, but she never cared much about interacting with the humans around her. She was extremely skittish and never let JP or Pat come close to her.

Source: takemehomepetrescue/YouTube

The rescuers kept coming for Norah, but the girl remained elusive. One day, they saw Norah lying lifelessly on the ground. They panicked and went to her, but the dog immediately got scared and ran away.

Soon, the rescuers noticed that Norah suddenly looked thinner. It wasn’t long before they realized that Norah had just given birth.

They decided to search the backyard of the prayer house where Norah would frequent. As expected, they found 9 newborn puppies hidden away under the bushes!

Source: takemehomepetrescue/YouTube

After getting the puppies, it became easier for the rescuers to get hold of Norah as she was a protective mama.

The rescuers took the new mom and her puppies to the shelter where all of them received medical attention. Norah lost her shyness rapidly and became a friendly dog once she felt safe!

Source: takemehomepetrescue/YouTube

Norah is busy raising her puppies now, but she needs to be treated for ehrylichia, heartworm and heart murmur. The doggie family is currently being cared for by an experienced foster mom.

We hope Norah gets healthy soon, and she and her puppies get adopted into nice homes!

Click the video below to watch Norah’s heart-tugging story of being rescued from the drainage ditch!

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