Dog eagerly awaits the UPS driver — now watch when the truck stops at his house

Jordan Weisman’s Boxer awaits his favorite UPS driver and then runs toward the truck for a treat. Their bond is an incredible thing to see! 😊

35 thoughts on “Dog eagerly awaits the UPS driver — now watch when the truck stops at his house

  1. My Blue Heeler/Kelpie mix used to do this with the UPS driver that comes to my office almost every day of the week. Unfortunately Harley is blind now, but when I open the door and say to him, “Look who’s here, Harley!” he will run outside and wait for Sean (the driver), while barking his head off. Harley follows him inside, standing on his back legs and pawing for his treat while my Rottweiler waits patiently for his. Sean was scared of Rotties but he has known Rufus since he was a puppy (he’ll be 4 in May). He never gets over how gentle Rufus takes his biscuit.

  2. Our Maggie went to work with us and she loved our UPS driver Vicky. On vacation she heard the familiar sound of a UPS truck while on a walk and was excited to follow the sound til she reached the truck. She was so disappointed when it wasn’t her friend.

  3. Our UPS driver is wonderful, my dogs accidentally got out , we live on a busy street, he whistled and they came running back to him and then right in the house…he always has treats for them …and at Christmas although he left the parcel on the porch there were two treats attached…

  4. My dog does the same thing when the UPS truck comes down the street. One time she jumped the fence and ran up the street after the truck then jumped in and was driven home by the driver and of course she got her treat

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