Turn up your volume, because this is the most precious thing

There's nothing quite as relaxing as watching a peaceful scene of a baby and his canine companion taking a restful snooze!

This sweet baby prefers the sound of his faithful companion's snores over any other lullaby any day! You won't be able to resist this adorable duo!

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91 thoughts on “Turn up your volume, because this is the most precious thing

  1. Your really should be careful letting the baby sleep like that.
    My boxer was my best friend from tge time I was 11 we grew up together but one day we fell asleep together and i rolled over in my sleep onto him it frightened him and he accidently bit my nose, he never meant it and I still loved him loads but im just saying be careful with the baby .

  2. Agree . I have a Boxer who is Moody when he is sleeping . Another thing I had another Boxer who was layed back , kind hearted Boxer around ONE Night some thing Happen to him . HE had a Sizer at 7 years old after that He Bit My Daughter and Sister for no reason . One Section he was him self the next he was not . Some thing took Place that Night . HERE IS MY THING . WE Do not Know When they will Change for no reason . I had to end up putting him down . He know me 1 min and 5 min later he had no clue who i was . SO BE SAFE PEOPLE

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