German Shepherd is in standoff with stuffed tiger. His comeback has Internet dying of laughter

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures. They can sense danger and become alert when predators are near.

That’s why a German Shepard was ready for a standoff when he encountered a predator in his kitchen.

While he was right to be cautious, he was definitely overestimating the level of danger at hand. You see the predator who was waiting for him in the kitchen wasn’t exactly the kind of predator that could harm him.

It was a fearsome tiger, except this fearsome tiger was a stuffed animal.

But to the German Shepard, it looked like the real thing so he acted as such. He barked loudly from afar, hoping to scare the tiger away. Then he tried to approach the lion and intimidate him a bit.

But that completely back fired and as the German Shepard sprung back in fear from the stuffed lion.

He tried again to approach the lion and just backed up again with a whine. The German Shepard’s human even walks up to the lion and pets him on the head to show the dog that it was safe.

The dog, however, wasn’t taking the human’s word for it.

He backed away and cowered behind his human. Finally, the German Shepard got down low and inched toward the lion with his nose and belly to the floor.

He nudged the lion’s paw with his nose and tried to nip it before quickly retreating in fear.

He whined a little bit but came right back. This time he was going to sniff the lions face. He did so a few times before hurling backward in between his attempts. This German Shepard’s motto has to be “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“The dog is smart enough to know a real tiger would kill him and the stupid owner,” said one YouTuber.

Though the lion clearly wasn’t going to attack him the German Shepard decided he would be staying on the safe side.

“So cute! Was this GSD still a puppy? They don’t quite seem to have their adult dog confidence yet,” wrote a YouTube commenter. “I absolutely loved how your pup hid behind their owner and watched to see if it was ok. Guess who’s the protector? The human! It’s wonderful. Dogs should be able to trust us to protect them and keep them safe, and you are doing a wonderful job teaching that to your pup.”

You can watch the German Shepard’s adorable exchange with the “lion” below.

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  1. no, the dog is not a “scaredy cat”. He is just being careful until he can find out what it really is. Since the dog can’t get any body language from the stuffed animal, it only can go by sense of smell and hearing. this is a very typical reaction from the dog.

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