11 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

Dogs have interacted with humans for thousands of years and in that time, people have learned that dogs have a special way of communicating with them that are unique to dogs. In recent years, there are an increasing number of studies examining the way dogs think and how they communicate and interact with humans.

These studies are revealing fascinating things. Like how dogs pick up micro-signals from humans and how they they help their friends.

They are also revealing ways that the bond between dogs and humans has created many ways in which dogs express how much they love their family.

1. When a dog stares at you, it means they love you.

This is Wally. He's 15 and still as adorable as when he was a puppy.

When being interviewed by Anderson Cooper, Brian Hare, a well-known dog expert, said that when your dog looks you in the eye, he is “hugging you with his eyes”.

Such loving looks release oxytocin, the same hormone that helps mothers bond with their babies. This doesn’t mean you should purposely stare into your dogs eyes (that’s unnerving to anyone), just let it come naturally during play and your regular routine.

2. Bringing you a toy means more than just wanting to play. They want to share something they value with you.

There is no such thing as too many toys in this house

Because sharing is caring!

3. When a dog wants to sleep with you rather than alone, it means you are family to him.

Baby Snuggles All Around!

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  1. Gracie is a special baby. This is a shot of Heidi looking up at my Mom. The unusual thing about this picture is that she is not in physical contact with my Mom. You rarely see one without the other! When she sits with her in the kitchen Heidi has her head on Mom’s foot. And when Mom takes a shower she has to allow for Heidi to stick her head in! These little heart throbs are so special.

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