Man Slides Across Thin Ice To Rescue Stranded Dog, But The Ice Cracks Under Him

A dog had escaped his leash and wandered off into a frozen creek in Canada’s Saskatchewan province.

By the time his owner found him, the dog had inadvertently trapped himself on a thinly frozen lake.

As the ice began cracking around the dog, the panicked owner quickly gave an emergency call to the Swift Current Fire Department.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

In this video, we see the firefighters attempting a difficult rescue after assessing the situation.

The dog is completely exhausted after struggling to escape for a while, and he simply resigns to his fate.

Finally, one of the firefighters holds on to a rope and carefully ventures out onto the slippery ice.

By the time the firefighter slides across the ice and reaches the dog, the ice begins cracking under his weight.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Despite the terrifying turn of events, the smart firefighter quickly grabs the dog and maneuvers his body to find balance again.

The rest of the crew members cautiously drag the firefighter and the dog along the delicate ice. After some strenuous minutes, they manage to bring the pair to safety!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Thankfully, the dog remained unharmed through the entire ordeal. He thanked his rescuers and happily skipped back to his owner the moment he was back on land.

What a daring and heartwarming rescue! We thank these amazing firefighters for going out of their way to save the dog’s life!

Click the video below to watch how the heroic firefighters rescued the dog before it was too late!

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