A Dog With A ‘Human Face’ Has The Internet Freaking Out

Sometimes our dogs start to look like us. Perhaps you’ve seen those photos where the dog looks so much like its owner that they could be twins. Yogi the dog looks so much like a human being, the sweet pooch is even freaking some people out on social media.

Source: Reddit

Yogi is a sweet fluffy mixed breed called a Shih-poo, which is part Shih Tzu and part Poodle. He has a beautiful face that is almost human-like. He has lips similar to people, eyes that resemble a person’s, and the most adorable smile.

Like any proud dog mom, Chantal Desjardins shared pictures of her pooch on Facebook. Not long after, one of her friends put the images on Reddit. That’s when things got interesting.

Source: Reddit

The comments ran the gamut, with one Reddit user saying: “I feel really sad for the pup, because he’s probably really cute, but he’s also horrifying. I feel like a brown-eyed, bearded man is trapped in there.” Someone else says the dog has the most human eyes they have ever seen on a dog.

Over on Twitter, one user even shared that the dog resembles comic actor, Paul Rudd, as you can see in this photo.

Source: Twitter/@lettiemarie17

Whatever the case, we think Yogi is the most adorable little pooch with a very memorable face!

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