Man Searching For His Pup After Car Was Stolen: ‘Keep The Car, Give Me The Dog Back’

Life has been very rough lately for David Medlin, 68, who just lost his mom two months ago.

To make matters worse, he was driving from New Mexico to North Carolina with his Dalmatian dog, Dizzy, this past Wednesday, when he stopped at a McDonald’s in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

He ran inside for a short period of time and when he came back out, his Ford Escape was gone with his beloved pup inside.

Medlin said he locked the car, but may have had a spare key in the console.


Medlin was devastated and began frantically searching for his furry best friend, but he and the car were nowhere to be found.

“Keep the car and give me the dog back,” Medlin pleaded. “Insurance covers the car, but the dog, not so much.”

Medlin describes nine-year-old Dizzy as very outgoing and friendly and says that during their walks she always goes right up to people, looking for pets and affection. Luckily, she has a microchip.

The Shawnee police immediately began investigating.

**Update: Dizzy has since been found and has been reunited with her owner!

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