Chained Up In The Cold For 4 Years, Sick Dog Finally Rescued From Cruel Owners

It is always difficult to see an animal being mistreated. Some people just prefer to use dogs as a commodity, as they chain them outside to stand guard, without giving them the love or care they deserve.

Source: YouTube/AnimalAdvocates

In the harsh northern cold of Yukon, Canada, Diesel, a St. Bernard-Newfoundland mix, was mercilessly chained outside by his owners for 4 long years. Diesel’s cold isolation was made worse by beatings from his owner, attacks from loose dogs and the occasional kicks from sturdy horses.

When the rescuers from Animal Advocates found him, Diesel looked defeated and badly hurt. There was damage to his teeth, tongue and shoulder, and frozen blood stuck to his black coat. His owner was annoyed at his sick state and even wanted to shoot him to get rid of him.

Source: YouTube/AnimalAdvocates

Thankfully, the rescuers got to him just in time and flew him out of Yukon. He was given proper medical attention and he got a tumor removed. He has made a quick recovery and is now warming up to people and other animals at the shelter.

Source: YouTube/AnimalAdvocates

Animal Advocates are working towards finding him a nice forever home with a loving family. We are thankful to the heroes at Animal Advocates who help ease the misery of abused dogs like Diesel!

Check out the video below to watch Diesel get his happy ending!

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