Despised For Having ‘Ugly Disease’, A Kind Hand Reaches Out To Touch Her Soul

Basic medical treatment is a luxury for many dogs, especially ones that are neglected and abused.

Yuki, a six-year-old dog from Mexico, was found wandering the streets after her monstrous owners kicked her out. She had a horrible case of sarcoptic mange. Her skin looked like potato chips.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

Finally, a rescue group found Yuki and brought her to the urgent care center. The vet was astounded to see Yuki. Her skin was the worst he had ever seen!

Source: Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

Yuki was also so underweight that she only weighed 44 pounds. A dog like Yuki should weigh at least 60 pounds! She was starved! And neglected. Yuki also tested positive for Ehrlichiosis, which is a very serious tick-borne illness.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

The vet had to remove layers of dead skin. By the time he had removed the ‘potato chip’ layer, Yuki looked like a burn victim. Thankfully she did not have to suffer!

She received pain medication and antibiotics. She also was fed a high-calorie diet. She began to put on weight and was really happy to be around such caring humans.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

Yuki went to a foster home once the vet medically cleared her. She really loved being a part of a family and no longer. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading And Watch The Video!

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