Deputy Helps Emaciated Shepherd Stuck In Blizzard And Adopts Her 5 Months Later

Deputy Doersch of the Snohomish County Police Department was finishing up patrol back in February when he felt the sudden urge to go back to Gold Bar, an area he would usually avoid due to the winter storm that was coming, but he followed his instinct.

As the snow was coming down, Doersch spotted a German Shepherd who was malnourished and covered in mange, running through the woods near the road.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Doersch called the dog over, but she wouldn’t listen. Drivers from a trucking company who were working nearby saw Doersch trying to coax the dog toward him and stopped by to help.

One of the drivers used his sandwich to help lure the dog into Doersch’s patrol vehicle, and thankfully it worked! From there, Doersch met with Animal Control Officer Green, who brought the starving pup to Pilchuck Animal Hospital where she would be examined and treated for her ailments.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

After she received medical care, she stayed at the Everett Animal Shelter while she continued to heal. They wound up finding her owners, who were happy to reunite with her five months after she had run away, but they couldn’t afford her treatment plan and vet bills.

Many people offered to help and even adopt the pup, but she found the best adopter of all: Deputy Doersch! Without hesitation, Doersch decided to give her a forever home.

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