Dachshund Balloons Up To 56 Pounds, Caring Family Member Steps In To Help

So many people think they are being nice and making a friend by feeding dogs human food off of their plates. Below we have an example of an extreme case where a Dachshund was constantly fed human food and way too much of it.

Dennis was in poor health because of this, and when a family member named Brooke saw him in this condition, she knew she had to step in to save his life.

Dennis was fed a lot, and it wasn’t just dog food. His owner gave him pizza and burgers along with other human foods.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

A relative saw what was being done to the Dachshund and took him into her care to try to help. She would feed him better and get him lots of exercise.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

Dennis had ballooned up to 56 pounds under his last owner. With Brooke’s help, he dropped to a healthy 13 pounds! Dennis was much happier and healthier.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

Thanks to Brooke’s big heart, Dennis gets to live the life of a normal dog. Amazing!

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