Deaf Great Dane Abandoned By Owner And Labeled ‘Useless’, Has Unbreakable Bond With Little Girl

This friendship is one of the most adorable and touching things that we have ever seen and it is hard to believe that this connection was once in danger of never taking place at all. This family rescued one special Great Dane from an uncertain fate and it is believed that the dog would not be alive today if she had not been saved. The dog was born deaf as a result of substandard breeding.

Instead of being understand and ready to assist her, the owner decided that Echo was “useless” and did not want to lift a finger to make her life any easier. The owner even threatened to put the dog to sleep because they saw no other outcome that even made sense for the poor pup. Can you imagine giving up on a sweet and adorable animal like this one so quickly?

Fortunately, the good people at Louisiana Great Dane Rescue stepped in to save the day and they facilitated the transition between her old life and her new one with Marion. Marion adopted the dog and when Echo first came home with her, she was still feeling the ill effects of the abuse she’d experienced. The dog was spayed before she was ready and had not been fed on a regular basis.

Her tummy was filled with the rocks that she had resorted to eating in order to deal with her hunger pains. Once she was given to live under Marion’s care, Echo flourished. Marion would soon become pregnant and Echo instinctively knew that a baby was about to join the family. Little Jennie was born soon after and the two became fast friends.

Fast forward a few years and Jennie and Echo are now inseparable. They go everywhere together and one is rarely found without the other in tow. When the two take strolls around the neighborhood, Jennie insists on being the one to hold her pal’s leash and they make for an adorable pair, don’t they? While neither of them have the ability to speak, they have an innate understanding of each other’s needs.

We should all be so lucky to find a friendship like this one during the course of our lives. Would you like to see more of Jennie and Echo’s amazing adventures? If so, then be sure to check out this awesome video and pass it along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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