Family Watches UPS Truck Run Over Their Dog, Backup Over Him & Drive Away

The Shipley family of Dayton, Tennessee started their morning as they usually do. Before long, they went outside and saw their dog, Jazzy, dead in their driveway. Devastated, they quickly reviewed the home’s security cameras.

What they saw on the video was horrifying and now they want something to be done to the person responsible for their dog’s death.

Source: Anita Peeples/Unsplash

A UPS delivery truck is seen coming up the family’s long driveway. The driver is someone that normally does not do their deliveries. He is seen driving slowly and then backing up slowly.

As the footage continues, two of the family’s three dogs bark and run towards the truck. At this point, Renee Shipley says the driver opens his door, yelled something, the dogs ran away, and the UPS driver leaves.

Within four minutes, the UPS truck returns with the same man driving.

“Coming up a lot faster than he did the first time and just doesn’t pay attention to our dogs at all there and he runs over Jazzy,” Shipley shared.

Source: News Channel 9

She claims the video shows the truck back up over Jazzy, sit idle for 30 seconds, and then leave. When her husband went to check, there wasn’t even a package.

Shipley talked to UPS. Apparently, a road supervisor called the incident an accident until she told him she had security footage, at which point they said they would investigate and take “appropriate actions.”

The Shipleys are also in contact with a lawyer and they will reach out formally to UPS. The Rhea County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as a possible animal cruelty case.

Video of the incident is here, but please be advised it shows the moment the dog is hit by the truck.

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