Mom And Pup Rescue Stray Kitten From Construction Site And They’re Best Friends

When Sorin Popa from Brasov, Romania, adopted a puppy named Dante, her home was filled with joy.

But soon, she realized that little Dante got lonely easily and needed a companion.

So she decided to visit a local shelter and adopt a sibling for him.


Source: 2_white_walkers/Instagram


However, Sorin’s plans were rerouted when she got a call from her sister about a starving, disheveled stray kitten.

The kitten, named Abyzou, was stranded at a construction site and badly craved for a home. She kept looking at every stranger with love and hope.

Sorin was moved at Abyzou’s plight and immediately brought her home.

When Sorin cleaned up all the filth from Abyzou’s coat, she discovered that she had the same spotless white coat like Dante.

They would be the perfect siblings (or “White Walkers”, as Sorin refers to them)! She introduced Abyzou to her canine brother and waited for their reaction.


Source: 2_white_walkers/Instagram


At their first meet, Dante and Abyzou stared at each other for quite a while. They sniffed each other while registering their similar features, but were still scared to make a move.

Eventually, Abyzou was the first to break the ice when she reached out and drank from Dante’s bowl! A friendship was born!


Source: 2_white_walkers/Instagram


Over time, Dante and Abyzou grew into inseparable souls. They love watching the day pass by as they hang out on the balcony, share each others’ secrets, and fill their home with infinite love.

Sorin is amazed at how they mirror each others’ moves too. We guess they were destined to find each other!

Check out the video below to watch a sweet moment in Dante and Abyzou’s friendship!

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