Dangerous trap almost made dog, Morgan blind- owners now warn all pet owners!

It was an ordinary weekend, Lea Jensen was out with her boyfriend Kenneth and their dog Morgan when suddenly Morgan began to howl.

The couple hurried to the dog’s side. Upon examination of their pup they made a grotesque discovery.

The dog had a gaping wound on his face and he continued to howl in pain.  The couple was horrified by the wound.

Their horror would quickly become enraged at the sadistic trap they found.

At the bottom of a fence someone had planted a knife blade facing up and attached it to the fence.  This was intended to hurt someone or something.

Unfortunately, today it was Morgan.

”We were lucky if you could say so in such a situation. Had the knife gone deep in his eye, he probably would have lost his sight.”

The couple are warning other animal owners to be cautious when walking their dogs.

“We’re issuing this warning because we can’t understand how anyone can do something like this. Nobody puts a knife in this way by accident, and the veterinarian who examined Morgan agrees,” she writes.

The incident has been reported to the police, who unfortunately have said it would be difficult to find out who the perp is.

Morgan is healing slowly and feeling better each day which the couple are grateful for.

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