10+ “Dangerous Dogs” Behind “Beware Of Dog” Signs

Whenever you see a ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG' sign you probably imagine some terrifying beast with sharp teeth. However, sometimes the reality is the opposite!

But, that doesn't mean they won't kill you. These killers will ferociously attack you with their adorableness.

You can be licked to death. Or made to play frisbee until you run out of breath and ultimately DIE of cuteness overload.

Don't say the sign didn't warn you!

Check out the list of these “dangerous” dogs to save you from becoming their next victim on the next page!

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79 thoughts on “10+ “Dangerous Dogs” Behind “Beware Of Dog” Signs

  1. People who mark dogs as terrifieng are un educated. A animal only acts how it is treated. If you were caged you would act the same way.. if a man or woman is beaten he or she will attack!!

  2. I’ve had dogs my entire life. I’ve loved them all. However, once I had my first rottie, that is the only breed that I have adopted repeatedly. They are wonderful, fun, loyal, excellent dogs. Socialize them and train them, absolutely, just like all dogs deserve to be socialized and trained.

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