Teen Installs Camera At Home To Prove Dad Threatens And Beats Her & Her Dogs


A Florida teen has been struggling to report her father’s abusive behavior toward her and her dogs for years. However, no one believed her as her dad is a rich and powerful local businessman.

The 14-year-old girl had no other option but to record the evidence of abuse by installing hidden cameras in her home.

Source: NBC2 News/YouTube

In this very distressing video, the father is seen being dangerously abusive toward the girl and her dogs. He threatens the girl with several egotistical warnings about him being the “boss”.

He then strikes the dogs and even threatens the poor creatures with a knife. “I will cut this f***ing dog’s eyeballs out, I’ll f***king do it”, he is heard yelling in a mad rage he pressed a knife to the dog’s neck

The helpless girl jumps on her dad to protect the dogs, but the savage brute mercilessly pulls his daughter’s hair and head-butts her to the wall.

Cops at Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office are investigating this case now. They have revealed the father’s name to be Damon Becnel.

Let’s spread the word and demand the arrest of this sick, abusive brute!

Source: NBC2 News/YouTube | Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Update: Cops have updated that Damon has been arrested on animal and child abuse charges, but he immediately got out on a bail of $2,000 for each charge. Local community members are deeply concerned about the safety of the young girl and her dogs. Let’s raise our voices and demand the strictest punishment for this disgusting psychopath!

Click the video below to watch the unsettling footage of Damon’s abusive rampage.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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