Mom Only Lets One Of Her Dogs Eat The Ice Cream, While The Other Dog Watches On

When a woman halted her car by the drive up window at a popular snack outlet, her 2 dogs, Daisy and Cooper, knew exactly what this was about – doggie ice cream!

The dogs’ eyes sparkle with joy as Mom brings in their favorite ice cream cone, but what happens next is absolutely hilarious!

Source: Coopers Dogpatch/YouTube

As both the dogs lean in to share the yummy desert, Mom sternly shoos away Cooper, the larger dog to the right.

Instead, she sweetly calls out little Daisy and lets her lick the cone to her heart’s content. Poor Cooper keeps salivating as he stares at the treat, but Mom “rudely” keeps him away.

Source: Coopers Dogpatch/YouTube

We’ll admit it’s a mildly unsettling sight to see a sad Cooper waiting for his turn, only to get snubbed again and again.

That straight up looks like the shenanigans of a heartless owner who is clearly biased toward Daisy.

But just when we are fuming and judging Mom for “mistreating” Cooper, Mom extends the cone to Cooper!

Source: Coopers Dogpatch/YouTube

We can barely process the “haunting” end of this unpredictable video! We never expected THAT from you, Cooper.

To say that we regret questioning Mom’s idea of justice would be an understatement. In fact, we now wonder if Daisy actually got a fair share.

As far as funny dog videos go, this is one of those stories that absolutely makes no sense until it does!

Click the video below to watch why Mom stalled Cooper and let Daisy have the first few licks from the ice cream. Keep your volumes up!

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