Owner Who Tried To Kill His Dog Asks Animal Rescue To Finish The Job

A dog named Custard was dropped off at Sidewalk Specials — but not to be saved. The poor boy’s owner tried to kill him and was unsuccessful and was now requesting that the organization help “finish the job.”

The dog was scared and hoped more than anything that they wouldn’t send him back. But the animal rescue assured him he was finally safe.

Source: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Taken aback by this horrific demand, the rescue instead did everything in their power to help the dog and fight alongside him!

A sponsored “care pack” gave him the jumpstart needed and a new lease on life. Today, Custard sings his heart out and receives lots of belly rubs! 🙂

Source: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

The dog wants the world to know how happy he is, and wouldn’t it be something if his old owner could see him now!

Custard’s new life has just begun, and it’s all thanks to a well-deserved second chance.

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