Owner Fuming After Dog Snared By Hidden Trap On Public Walking Trail

A woman out for a walk with her dog on a public trail in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, discovered a very disturbing item on the path.

A trap meant for a small animal was placed on the trail and her dog stepped on it, thus triggered the clamp mechanism.

The distressed dog mom received help from a passerby who helped remove the trap from the injured dog’s paw.

In frustration and anger, the woman tossed the trap into a nearby body of water and rushed her dog to the vet.

Source: Morgan Ann Monahan/Facebook

Thankfully, the dog is okay and nothing was broken in the foot or paw. The vet prescribed pain medication and anti-inflammatories and discharged the pooch to his mom.

Before throwing the trap out, the woman, Morgan Ann Monahan, snapped photos of the trap and the damage to her dog’s paw because of it.

Source: Morgan Ann Monahan/Facebook

Monahan took to Facebook with the photos and this message, “Please stay vigilant when walking your dogs anywhere; even if you think it’s safe!!! Had this happened to a smaller dog, or god forbid a child, it could’ve been a lot worse!”

We are grateful this dog is okay and remind everyone to be aware of your surroundings when out with a dog.

Source: Morgan Ann Monahan/Facebook

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