Curious Why His Cats Slept All Day, Dad Uses Night-Camera To Film Hilarious Footage

YouTuber Chris Poole is a popular animal activist with a special love for cats. He often posts videos of his two cats, Cole and Marmalade, which are widely viewed. Sometimes, he also posts the antics of the other cats he fosters.

Source: YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

In the video below, Chris explains how four of his new foster kittens would always sleep during the day. He would put them to bed every night, so he was curious about their nightly adventures. To ease his confusion, he set up a night-vision camera to capture their secret night life.

Filmed over four nights, this video footage will leave you roaring with laughter! The moment the lights go out, the kittens are seen bouncing around and playing with toys and with each other. They lick the camera and climb the cage, and then swoop down in a small box like acrobats.

Source: YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

Undoubtedly, these cats have the coolest sleepovers every night! Chris hopes to find nice families for them once they are healthier. We think these kittens have their lives sorted out – sleep all day and party all night!

Check out the video below to watch the amusing purra-normal activities of these cute kittens!

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