Mischievous Puppy Chewed Neighbor’s Shoes So He Grabs Sword To Pay Him A Lesson

Puppies, like children, learn the world around them through exploration and play. When a sweet puppy named Cola got into some mischief, he paid the ultimate price.

He was chewing on a pair of shoes he swiped from the neighbor’s porch. The neighbor was furious and walked over to Cola’s house.

When the neighbor confronted Cola’s owner, Cola’s owner promised to discipline him accordingly but that wasn’t good enough for the neighbor.

All Cola needed was a firm “no” and a time out in his crate. Instead, the angry and heartless neighbor got a sword and hacked off Cola’s front legs. He laid there bleeding in the street. Everyone was horrified!

Source: via Soi Dog Foundation

Cola’s owner, in tears, rushed him to the nearby clinic but he had lost so much blood. And at nine months old, she was certain he wouldn’t survive.

Infection was already setting in. The local vet did all he could for Cola with his limited resources. But he needed more intensive care in order to survive.

Source: via Soi Dog Foundation

Animal lovers heard about Cola through social media and contacted the Soi Dog Foundation. They pleaded with them to help Cola. The foundation stepped up and funded the puppy’s trip to see a state of the art vet in Bangkok.

The new clinic worked miracles for Cola. The neighbor who committed the heinous act was sentenced to a month in prison but that concerned the owner deeply.

What if he returned from prison and took out his revenge on the poor dog by injuring him further?

Cola’s owner didn’t have the means to take her dog and move away so she explained her worries to her new friends with Soi Dog.

Source: via Soi Dog Foundation

Seeing how fearful she was, and how much she loved Cola, they agreed to take Cola into their care where he would be safe and they could do more for him medically.

Cola’s mom didn’t want to see him go but knew he would be safer with them. She tearfully said goodbye to her puppy, knowing he was in good hands.

Source: via Soi Dog Foundation

What follows is pretty incredible! Cola learned to navigate his new world with a doggy wheelchair but when Gill Dalley, the cofounder of Soi Dog, met Cola for the first time, the two connected immediately.

Gill lost both her legs when she contracted a serious blood condition while trying to rescue a stray dog.

Source: via Soi Dog Foundation

When Gill and Cola locked eyes, it was fate. She had to bring him home! Cola was soon in his new loving home with Gill and her family. Next, the dog was fitted for prosthetics!

It took time for Cola to get used to his new legs but with time and patience, he did. Cola doesn’t just walk around now, he can run!

Source: via Soi Dog Foundation

Gill also proudly boasts that her home is filled with tons of stuff that Cola can chew and will never be punished for it.

We are so happy that this pup is living his best life now thanks to wonderful people!

We understand how hard it was for his owner to surrender Cola but she did the selfless thing to ensure he got the best care and would always be safe. She’s a hero too!

To see how happy Cola is now and how he can run and play, check out the video below!

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