Doggy Daycare Worker Slams Dog On Ground & Threatens To Break His Neck

Charlotte Dog Resort, a doggy day care in Charlotte, North Carolina, is facing backlash after a video made its rounds on social media, showing an employee picking up a dog by his collar and threatening him.

The woman lifted the dog into the air by his collar, carried him away from the other dogs, and dropped him on his tail. She can also be heard saying, “I will break your f****ing neck.”

Isabella Anzivino/Facebook

Isabella Anzivino, who first posted the video of the incident, has worked at the day care facility since October but quit after witnessing that and posting the video.

Anzivino says her friend was filming of Anzivino’s dog when she caught the incident on video. Anzivino then reported the incident to Animal Care and Control because she was concerned for the dog’s welfare.

Isabella Anzivino/Facebook

The owner of the facility, John Carlin, has since temporarily suspended operations while officers with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Animal Care and Control Division investigate the situation.

“We are aware of the video released on social media regarding an event at our facility and find it troublesome and disappointing. The employee involved has been an exemplary dog caretaker and owner her whole life and this action does not reflect our experience with her as an employee,” Carlin said in a statement.

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