Champion Hunting Dog Forced Out When Tumor Grew And No Will To Fight Off Maggots

*Some images may be upsetting to viewers, discretion advised

In many parts of the world, dogs are solely used for specific purposes. They are not cared for like a family member unconditionally. Then, when they fall ill and can no longer work, they are discarded like trash. This is what happened to Jack.

Source: He’Art Of Rescue/YouTube

Jack is a beautiful dog, an English setter, purchased by a family to use for hunting. According to neighbors, Jack lived a good life. His owners felt if he was treated well then he would be more successful and hardworking on hunts.

Jack’s owners provided him with good meals, a bed to sleep on and proper shelter.

Then Jack got sick. A tumor grew on his genitalia. This hindered his drive to hunt. It would have been simple to bring him to a veterinarian but his owner decided to ignore him. He decided it would be easier to replace him and let him lay there in pain.

Source: He’Art Of Rescue/YouTube

Each day, as it passed, Jack got worse. The tumor grew larger impeding his urethra. He could no longer properly urinate. The tumor caused a lot of pain so Jack just lay there helpless. His owner was fed up and dumped him on the streets.

While Jack lay there in agony, while his disgusting heartless owner went…   >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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