The Only Person Who Fed Him Passed Away Leaving Dog On A Short, Stuck Chain

The person who fed this neglected dog ended up passing away, and now the boy was left with absolutely nothing and an even worse life.

He was tethered out to a tree around the clock on a short chain that would get stuck, and he couldn’t even reach his dirty water bowl. He could hardly move and was just begging for freedom.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

Takis Shelter learned of this unfortunate situation and wanted to help more than anything. The rescuer arrived on scene, and the dog wagged his tail and wanted to run free!

This was a very strong dog who could cause some issues at the shelter, but Takis would find a solution one way or another.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

The boy was so happy to finally be free, and they continued on to the vet for a checkup. And at the shelter, the dog was accepted by the other animals immediately fitting right in!

This was a brand new beginning for him. “That’s freedom, my friends.”

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