Cat and Baby Have Deep Meaningful Chats, Dad Captures Their Sweet Bond On Camera

As we adults know, talking to babies and animals can be just like talking to aliens. LOL! But a little girl and her Tabby cat seem to have decoded each other’s language, as they engage in a never-ending conversation about who knows what!

Source: YouTube/Lenny

This girl’s dad would always find his daughter and his cat chatting away in the morning. Even though Dad was clueless about the content of the conversations, they seemed to express deep emotions to each other. One day, Dad decided to film their cute morning ritual!

In the video below, we see the little girl walk up to her cat, then talk in gibberish about some crucial issue. The cat responds back with some valuable input. It’s hilarious to watch them theatrically walk around the room, like two grown-ups discussing politics!

Source: YouTube/Lenny

People have put forward some rib-tickling translations for their conversation. Some claim the pair are exchanging daily gossip, while others claim they are plotting to take over the world! Either way, it is a laugh-out-loud riot!

Check out the video below to watch chatty kitty and baby having their adorable chat!

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