Cat Comes Home With Paper Tied To Her Collar, Then Dad Realizes It’s A Note From The Neighbors

Most of us have heard the tales of carrier pigeons. They have been used throughout history to carry messages from one location to another. Mail used to be carried on horseback, even across the country.

Recently, another species of animal has carried on the proud tradition of taking a message from one household to another.

A little cat named Lala. She is allowed to go outside as she pleases. Her dad says they live in a safe neighborhood, so he has never worried about her.

Lala usually goes out in the morning and stays out most of the day. She comes home at night to eat and sleep. Then off she would go, starting another hard day at work doing whatever it is that cats do when they roam.

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Then, one evening she came home with something strange attached to her collar. Her owner pulled it off, and read the words “Please Read” written on the paper.

He opened it with trepidation. Fearing that he would soon learn that “what cats do when they roam” might have upset a neighbor.

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Opening it, he found a note saying “Your cat visits us 2-3 times a day. We would love to know her name and where she lives in case of emergency.” The note ended with the sender’s address.

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Nala’s owner sighed a big sigh of relief, as most of us would have. When he first saw the note, he had been afraid that Nala had been up to no good on her daily jaunts. Instead, she had simply adopted another family to love and be loved by.

He says that Nala is microchipped, but it was nice to know that someone else was going to be looking out for her when she was out and about. He plans to get in touch with his cat’s “other family” soon.

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We will be that their “meet and greet” will be different from almost any other humans in the world. “Hi, my cat told me to come and see you.” later, if they become friends they can tell everyone, “Our cat introduced us…”

Good girl, Lala. Nothing like being a good ambassador for the cat community.

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