Even On Her Darkest Days, Dying Dog Had Hope In Her Sky Blue Eyes

Cassie was rescued from an alleged cruelty situation in Kingman County, Kansas, by the Humane Society of the United States.

When they first found her, she was suffering from a severe skin condition, which left her with little to no hair, and bloody, painful scabs all over her body.

Source: HSUS/Youtube

She was very nervous, which was understandable since she hasn’t had any social interaction for her whole life.

“Even on her darkest days, there was hope in her beautiful blue eyes,” HSUS wrote.

Source: HSUS/Youtube

Despite Cassie’s neglect and physical condition, she still had the will to live, and rescuers knew that. They brought her to their rescue, where she would go on to make an incredible transformation.

After receiving medical baths for her skin condition and being treated for other ailments, Cassie’s beautiful fur began to grow back.

Source: HSUS/Youtube

Today, she has a full coat of fur and a big smile on her face. She has since found a loving forever home, where she is showered with love and affection.

Watch her amazing transformation in the video below:

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