Trusted Cable Guy Betrays Family’s Trust, Caught On Camera Stealing Family Dog

Melissa Cortez was left in a worried frenzy when her sweet 10-month-old Pug named Andrew went missing in broad daylight. Andrew was a beloved gift to Melissa from her mother, and she started hunting the neighborhood for Andrew.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

After combing through the area’s animal shelters, Andrew’s whereabouts were still unknown. That’s when a neighbor came up to Melissa with surveillance footage that captured the family’s trusted cable guy stealing Andrew from the gate.

Melissa was shocked and tried getting her complaint through to the Spectrum cable company, but there was no response from the other side. Finally, seeing no other option, Melissa uploaded the footage on social media, asking the company to take some action.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

As the footage continued to be shared (and shared!), the company had to come forward to help Melissa. By this time, Melissa had also filed a report with the local Sheriff’s department. Soon, the company officials retrieved the dog from the employee and fired him for his malicious actions.

Source: Voice For Us/Facebook

Thanks to Melissa’s dedication, Andrew is back in his home, happily enjoying the love and cuddles that he missed so much.  We hope all cold-hearted pet-thieves get caught and punished for their crimes.

Check out the video below to watch the surveillance footage of the cable guy stealing Andrew.

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