He Was Attacked By His Mom At Birth, Couple Fell In Love With His ‘Wonky’ Face

When Brodie, a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, was just 13 days old, he was attacked by his mom, which left him with severe facial and cranial deformities and partial blindness.

As he grew older, his deformities became more obvious, and he was left with a very ‘wonky’ face.


Brodie wound up being adopted from the shelter, but was returned five months later for being “too hyper.”

Now, at one-year-old, Brodie has finally ended up exactly where he belongs. As soon as Amanda Richter and her boyfriend, Brad Ames, laid eyes on Brodie, they knew that they had to adopt him.


Brodie has already settled in beautifully at his new home and even has a new doggy sister, Rosie, who he loves to play with.

Brodie may look different, but he’s just like any other dog. He loves to go for walks, cuddle with his humans, and play with his toys. He is quickly learning what it’s like to be loved and spoiled.


Brodie’s parents hope to one day train him as a therapy dog, so that he can help other people with disabilities.

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This Pup Suffered Severe Facial Injuries by a Bite

Perfectly imperfect!

Posted by Power of Positivity on Thursday, January 16, 2020

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