They Didn’t Take The Prize Home, But A Boy And His Cow Won Over Some Hearts

A snapshot of a teen boy and his cow took the internet by storm and won over the hearts of everyone, and it’s easy to see how and why.

At the Iowa State Fair, 15-year-old Mitchell Miner and his cow, Audri, placed fifth out of seven total contestants. It’d been a long day, and everyone was exhausted.

Source: CBS News/YouTube

The two cuddled up for a nap in the barn, and Dad captured the heartwarming image.

After spending the past few months preparing for the competition, the two had formed a very close bond and friendship, and this photo really encapsulates and sums up the relationship.

Source: CBS News/YouTube

“She likes to lay down a bit. She just enjoys my company,” Mitchell said.

Just a boy and his cow. The unique friendships that can form between man and beast are truly remarkable, and this one really speaks to how deep those bonds can go.

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