Bound By Vicious Owner, He’d Wrap His Arms Around His Body & Hug Himself To Sleep

While this story isn’t exactly close to home, it is close to our hearts! Orangutans are critically endangered yet are cruelly captured and kept as pets. Even as babies!

This is Mingky’s story.

Mingky, a baby orangutan, was chained up between two buildings, held prisoner by a cruel owner. The reason why isn’t just shocking, it is heartbreaking.

He was used as entertainment for the owner’s children. Mingky was chained up by his neck with only about two feet to move around.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

He had little contact with anyone. He was lucky to be fed fruit once a day. At Mingky’s age, he should’ve been surrounded by family, falling asleep in the arms of his mother.

Instead, he was all alone and was forced to sleep on the cold concrete ground. He would put his own arms around himself and hug himself to sleep.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

People would see Mingky in this horrible state but no one did anything. They just “minded their own business.”

These neighbors felt that interfering wasn’t their place so instead, Mingky remained, suffering.

This sad life went on for an entire year. Until finally, the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) heard about Mingky. WOW!   >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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