Breeder tries to take 5 week old blind puppy to be euthanized – but the vet had other plans…

Animal lovers throughout the world cringe at the thought of puppy mills who are only out for profit and not the welfare of the animals in their care. Bea is a perfect example of this.

Bea was born blind and was therefore considered not “sellable” by the breeder. Can you imagine that? I mean LOOK at this cutie!

She was brought by the breeder to a vet to be euthanized due to her condition.  Thankfully, the vet saw the potential in this five-week-old puppy and stepped in to save the day.

The vet brought Bea to the world-renowned Bettersea animal charity where they cared for the puppy who was away from its mother at only 5 weeks of age.

After receiving treatment at the Home’s veterinary hospital and being hand-reared by the charity, Bea is living a full and (mostly) normal life!

One of the workers Shaun said: “Bea copes really well with her disability – she quickly maps out the room she’s in and is soon hopping around happily. Like any puppy, she loves to play and you often see her running around the room carrying a tennis ball that’s even bigger than she is. We don’t expect her to be here very long once she’s ready to go to a new home.”

Too often animals are treated like commodities and not like companions. The breeder thought just because she wasn’t born perfect, that its life was no longer worth preserving because he couldn’t make a buck. PLEASE take the time to investigate where you are buying animals from and make sure they are being treated and raised ethically.

Now Bea and her best friend will be able to find their forever homes!
Don’t they look so cute together?

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38 thoughts on “Breeder tries to take 5 week old blind puppy to be euthanized – but the vet had other plans…

  1. Was the response “No, you’re an a**, you don’t deserve dogs, and I’m taking this one off your hands to give to actual decent human beings?” Because I think that would be a great response.

  2. My little schnauzer was diabetic and lost his sight. At 7 yrs old… He was amazing-he adjusted very well–
    He made it to 12 yrs-
    The vet we had for him from 9 weeks old told me to put him down-I can not write on fb what I said to her!!!!
    Changed vets—I hope this sweet pup finds a loving home❤️

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