Blind Puppy Was About To Be Euthanized, But One Nurse Stops The Procedure

She couldn’t bear to see the puppy die.

Meet this little puppy named Bea, who was given a second chance at life thanks to one kind-hearted veterinary staff member she met during the seeming last moments of her life.

Bea was part of a puppy mill, where tons of puppies were solely bred and sold akin to merchandise.

She was part of the ‘reject’ pile, which was bad news for the puppy.

As a result, she wasn’t suitable to be sold to people – and that only meant one thing. Frustrated, her former owner, a self-proclaimed dog breeder, was only left with one choice – he had to get rid of Bea for good.

The poor 5-week-old little puppy was a feeble Yorkshire Terrier, born blind and therefore stood out among the rest of the animals due to her disability. She was next on the euthanization list thanks to its heartless breeder, who took her down to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and dumped her there. One nurse took pity on Bea once she noticed her.

She then did one thing that both the puppy and her fellow colleagues did not expect – she brought him home, and renamed her Bea! The nurse also owned another dog, an adult Labrador Retriever, whom Bea quickly befriended and looked up to!

Watch the touching friendship between the two below!

Today, Bea is coping well and growing up with a great guardian and a best friend by her side, thanks to one big-hearted nurse who made a life-changing decision to save the little puppy!

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