After spending his entire life on a chain, Biscuit is shown an empty field

Biscuit has lived his whole life chained up… until now! This is his very first opportunity to run around in a beautiful 6 acre field. We will never get tired of watching this moment!

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100 thoughts on “After spending his entire life on a chain, Biscuit is shown an empty field

  1. Did you see him looking at the fence, thinking realy hard how to someday go over it! MIne figured it out in about a week. Took me 2 to figure out how she was getting out! Got to love them huskies!

  2. I’m so happy for Buscuit, I can’t imagine any baby being locked up and confined and not able to be free to roam and enjoy what their nature is most to be free and to be loved give love.

  3. To anybody who has never had a husky.
    Mine got loose 1 day, week or so later got a phone call from a town 80 miles away.
    Some guy had finally caught him.
    Tried the invisible fence for awhile lol
    All that did was keep him from coming home after he got tired.

  4. With the 1 exception when I had to go get him.
    80 miles away and in a different country. I’m Canadian and he was in the States when he finally got tired and let somebody catch him lol
    They always came back, it was just a matter of how much damage they did and how many people they pissed off in their travels

  5. Just so beautiful to see. Why the hell would anybody have a dog to chain it up all it’s life? Poor little baby I am so pleased for that beautiful dog to finally experience freedom. Thank you for giving this dog happiness and space to explore. The son of a$#%&[email protected]*who had the dog should be shackled for the rest of their miserable life. They should never be allowed the privilege of owning a animal, and there freedom should be taken away from them!!

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