76-Year-Old Woman Opens Heart & Home To Addict Who Slits Her Dog’s Throat

A sweet elderly woman from Birmingham, Alabama opened her heart and her apartment to 35-year-old Larry Donell Lloyd.

The kind lady helped Lloyd with his bills, allowed him to use her vehicle, and helped him fight a substance addiction and mental illness.

Sadly, Lloyd snapped and broke the woman’s heart.

Lloyd was allowed to do his laundry at the woman’s apartment a few times a week. When he arrived recently to do wash, the woman went upstairs and let her Yorkshire Terrier dog alone with Lloyd.

Not long after, Lloyd began taking a shower. He began to act manic and the woman urged him to go to the hospital with her. She attempted to go get her Yorkie.

Source: Shanna Beasley/Unsplash

According to the arrest report, “Lloyd became extremely agitated, raised his voice and urgently stated that he needed to get to the hospital. The woman felt rushed by his comments and behavior. She left the house without the dog to avoid further agitating Lloyd.”

En route to the hospital, Lloyd asked the lady to drop him off at home, and she complied. Sadly, when she returned home she saw a large pool of blood in her hallway by the bathroom. Her dog’s body was discovered outside.

Source: Jefferson County Inmate Search

Police described blood all over the woman’s residence and secured items for evidence during the investigation. These items included a 15-pound blood-soaked dumbbell.

A veterinarian determined the dog died from two lacerations: one 7-cm cut to the side of the neck and another 4-cm deep cut to the front of the neck that severed the jugular vein and carotid artery.

Lloyd was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and theft of property. Our condolences to the woman who opened her heart and now has to deal with this tragic loss.

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