Farmer Approaches Baby Robin With Pitchfork – Robin’s Reaction To Him Has Internet In Stitches

The saying goes “the early bird catches the worm” and in this video a smart robin has figured out how to get a meal with a little help from a gardener. This man is getting his garden ready for planting when he attracts the unlikely guest who is more than a little curious about what he’s doing.

The bird is pretty happy about the treasure trove of worms unearthed by the gardener, who is using his pitch fork to till the soil.

The man is extra careful to not to hurt the bird and has to tell the enthusiastic bird a few times to get out of the way. Eventually, the man helps the bird locate a worm by pointing at the ground and it seems like the bird understands what he’s communicating to her!

He must have been so hungry he didn’t even care the big man was holding a big pointy tool in his hands. Well we hope you had a nice lunch, little birdie.

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