Dog Being Chased By Angry Bear Sees No Escape, Panicked Owners Freeze In Fear

Norwegian Elkhounds are great hunting companions known for their tracking speed and quick thinking brains.

When one group of friends and their Elkhound visited a Finland jungle for an adventure trail, they ended up attracting the attention of a wild bear.

Source: SamiHaaranen/Rumble

In this video captured from 2 camera angles, we see the dog apparently struggling to escape the bear. The dog is caught by surprise when the bear charges at him out of nowhere.

He runs toward the paved road on instinct, thinking that the bear would leave him alone once he spots humans.

But the bear hardly notices the humans, and instead keeps “stalking” the dog in a determined manner.

The dog’s owners panic at the concerning sight, but they do not want to attack the bear and risk the life of their dog.

Source: SamiHaaranen/Rumble

The dog looks badly ambushed by the bear, but then he hatches a quick escape plan. He smartly leads the bear back into the woods. The bear follows the dog and jumps. . . WOW!  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story And WATCH The Video!

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