Koala Detection Dog Marches Into Australian Bushfires To Save Stranded Koalas

The devastating Australian bushfires have taken a severe toll on the region’s native wildlife.

In some recently circulated pictures on the internet, the koalas are seen having the toughest time surviving atop the burning trees.


Posted by ifaw on Tuesday, September 17, 2019


In this heartbreaking aftermath, wildlife activists have introduced their special “koala detection dog” named Bear, and he is the only dog in this world with this particular talent.

Bear is a Border Collie-Koolie cross who has acquired the skill to sniff out the stranded koalas with accuracy.

Bear’s handlers say that he has a survival story of his own. The gentle boy was dumped by his owners for not being “playful” enough.

But thankfully, his special skill set was discovered by some animal charity workers.

And now, he’s saving innocent Koala lives with his angelic gift! He’s also famous for his cute red socks!


Bear, the IFAW koala detection dog, along with his handlers at Detection Dogs for Conservation, joined Queensland Fire…

Posted by ifaw on Thursday, November 14, 2019


Bear is currently deployed alongside the firefighters in New South Wales and Queensland, where he is braving through the smoky terrain to locate the koalas in distress.

He has months of work ahead of him as the bushfires are expected to continue for a while. What a brave soldier and a true blessing to the struggling koalas! Good luck, Bear!

If you wish to donate toward the struggling rescue animals of Australia’s bushfires, you can visit the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s donation page here. Spread the word and let’s help these animals out!

Click the video below to watch a report on Bear’s heroic rescue mission!

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