She Heard Crying Through The Night, And It Led Her To Bear Cubs Stuck In A Tree

A woman was trying to sleep when the sound of crying distracted her and kept her awake for a while. She was eventually able to fall back asleep, but this continued on for a few nights.

She couldn’t just ignore it any longer and decided to go see what was the matter.

Source: USA Today/YouTube

She followed the crying, and it led her straight to a tree with several holes in the trunk. And she couldn’t believe what she saw next.

There were some cute little faces sticking out of those holes. Inside the tree were some bear cubs, and they were stuck and didn’t know what to do.

Source: USA Today/YouTube

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was called to the rescue, and it was their belief that the cubs climbed into the tree and then debris fell trapping them inside of the trunk.

But they were able to free the cubs, and they got them checked out before sending them off into the woods once again! 🙂

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