Love At First Lick: These Photos Of Cuddliest Baby & Dog BFF Will Melt Your Heart

We all have heard/know the common saying, “A man’s best friend is their dog”, right? Well what if we were to tell you that that popular phrase just turned into, “A baby’s best friend is their puppy’s best friend.”

The adorable, genuine, and cuddly friendship between a human and their dog is truly one-of-a-kind, and often hard to comprehend if you don’t own a furry four-legged puppy.

Big, little, furry, curly, tall, slobbery, no matter what type of dog, seeing babies and puppies together is seriously too freaking cute.

And when that moment does happen, when a baby and dog are side-by-side, of course you’re going to capture it, snapping countless photos.

To brighten your day (and melt your heart), we’ve complied some of the cuddliest baby and dog BFF photos ever. Get your tissues ready, because it’s about to get dog-a-riffic!

Eat Up Little Guy

What a nice big sister, reminding her little puppy how important eating breakfast is. She’s making sure he finishes his entire bowl — eat up pup!

A Big Furry Pillow

How comfy, cute, and content does this baby look? Whenever mommy says “nap time”, she knows exactly who/where to crawl too. Sleep soundly baby!

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is caring or “Hey who said you can come in my rocker with me?”

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun

Secrets secrets hurt someone, well unless the secret is a big slobbery lick from your best puppy pal. We’ll allow this type of secret.

Say Cheese!

“Okay daddy, we’re ready for our annual BFF picture.” These two are too cute for words!

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